Cindy Chrysler

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Cindy Chrysler is looking to receive a lot of benefits from The House,

the shelter for homeless teens. In fact, she expects to receive in abundance. According to Chrysler, she will “receive tenfold” from the folks at The House.

Except that Chrysler is not homeless. She’s a volunteer.

“Anytime I’ve ever volunteered or done anything like this,” Chrysler said, “I have always received so much more. I feel energized, I’m excited, and I’ve received back tenfold what I’ve given. Every time.”

Chrysler, a dental hygienist from Mesa, Colorado, recently became The House’s first person – out of 38 needed – to volunteer their time and services for the homeless youth that will be staying at The House. For at least one shift throughout the week, Chrysler will be cooking meals, spending time with the teens, and getting to know the people that will be needing The House’s services.

“And perhaps planting a garden,” Chrysler adds with a smile. “I noticed there were some raised garden beds in the back, and what a great thing it would be to teach them how to plant vegetables, how to pick them and cook them that day.”

Chrysler, a mother of two and grandmother of four, sees the transition from her own kids to homeless kids to be a smooth one.

“When this came up, I didn’t have kids living at home anymore,” she said, “and I just thought, ‘It’s time. It’s time to start giving back again.’ I just feel like the hands-on, day-to-day activities with the kids, seeing them in the evenings and helping them with their homework and being a part of their lives, just fits me.”

The needs among these homeless teens were the primary force driving her to volunteer.

“Number one, these kids need to feel safe and loved,” she said. “That they are worth something. It breaks my heart to think of people

not thinking that they’re worthwhile. I think they just need to feel safe and hear us say, ‘Here’s your chance. We’re gonna keep you safe, we’re gonna feed you, we’re gonna talk to you, we’re gonna get you directed in the right direction.’ I hope I have the capability to do that, to point them in the right direction.”

One direction Chrysler wants to point them is toward family.

“It takes a village to raise a kid,” Chrysler said. “If there’s a whole group of people at The House, then we can help raise a lot of kids. A big thing is nurturing, providing a home life that maybe a lot of these kids haven’t had. Just be part of a family. A family doesn’t have to a mom and a dad and kids back at home. It can be extended family; it can be the church family, the community. It can be The House.”

Chrysler, an avid outdoorswoman, was donned in her biking equipment, ready to start her day biking with her family.

“I feel like I get out a lot, that I’m pretty clued-in to what’s going on,” Chrysler said, “and I was actually surprised at the number 160, that there’s that many homeless kids. It’s just sad that a person has to get acheter du viagra internet to a point like that in life. If I can be involved in something like that, if I can let them know that they’re special and they are created by God and He has a plan for them, if I can redirect those kids at all to a plan, that they are really unique and special, then I will feel like I’ve had a good day. They have potential, and you gotta work toward that and make them a better person in a better place.”

To do that, according to Chrysler, it will take more than a year, the period of time for which she is volunteering.

“I hope to develop relationships that go beyond the homeless shelter,” she said. “I hope to see these kids in the community, functioning and doing things. I hope to carry on a relationship beyond that, with whomever I can.”

In doing so, Chrysler believes that one of the poorest, most desperate populations out there will be giving to her in ways nothing else can.

“It’s a buy levitra germany mg time commitment for sure,” Chrysler said, “but I’ve found out in the past that the more you give, the more you receive in return. It can be a little scary cause you’re like, ‘I’m too old or too young or I’m not this or I’m not that,’ but that’s just the type of person that’s perfect, because then you can learn. I just want to encourage anyone that’s even interested to come check it out.”

Please visit to learn more about The House and how to receive from these homeless teens.

Story provided by Robert Lamme and Associates.

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